Seizures after my AV Malformation

I know seizures after an AV Malformation is pretty common, but mine have started fifteen years after my brain aneurysm caused by an AV Malformation. I had my surgeries in 1996 when I was seven years old, but I have just discovered I will have seizures the rest of my life from this at twenty-three. It's a hard pill to swallow. Was wondering if anyone else has had such a large gap between their AV Malformation correction and their seizures?

Hi maryboo 89. This sub-group may have some answers for you…
Make certain that you are seeing a seizure specialist…not all neurologists specialize in that area. Also, stay away from lowers the body’s resistance to seizures.

This link might be helpful…
Do not be put off by the label epilepsy…it is just a starting point for most people searching for a doctor who specializes in seizures.

Thank you very much Barbara!!

I think that it’s definitely a long gap but very normal. My seizures started during my emboilization’s.