Seeking advice and personal experience of avm's and gamma knife treatment

Hi Everyone,
So ive finally got my head around leaving a post. I was diagnosed with my grade 4 Brain Avm last year. Since then I have been on what i can only describe as a rollercoaster ride since. Until last month I was told that nothing could be done and surgery would almost certainly result in paralysis down the right side of my body. I also have several aneurysms amongst the Avm. Last month I had an appointment in Sheffield and I have been offered the option of Gamma Knife Treatment. They have told me that it will have to be done in a staged mannor over a period of six weeks. I don't know if its just complete denial at the fact that this is really happening but everything is such a muddle. I cant make my mind up, Leave it or treat it. I totally understand that as far as avm's go, I'm really lucky that I haven't had a bleed/hemorrhage and i dont suffer with seizures. I think this is part of the reason why i am so unsure. It's a case of if its not broken don't fix it. I