Santana, Light and Love

So it has been a few weeks since i've posted on here and all i can say is that since my first embo 5 weeks ago my life has changed so so much!

Last night my friend had a spare ticket to go see the amazing Carlos Santana playing at Vector Arena in Auckland. And all i can say about it is that it was a totally life changing night. He is truely one of the greats, an amazing performer with a heart of gold. He talks the whole time about Light and Love and about how we should love God not Godzilla (that second part im not sure on but i love they way it sounds, whatever he's on i want some!)

Secondly i had to pop in to see my GP today for a top-up on some pills and she has asked if she can speak about my case to 2 groups of her peers about AVM's to help get the awareness out there. Where she said this i was totally stoked! It will be totally annonymous but i am still so glad that it's just another way of getting other Doctors out there to know what an AVM is so that if they see one they will be able to notice what they are so they stop getting misdiagnosed so often!

It's one month down and 5 months to go until my next embo and boy i just would love to get it over and done with now! The wait is just totally horrid and driving me mental slowly.

I hope everyone on here is doing super amazing and I can't wait the get some of Lindsey's Brainbows in the mail to share with my beautiful little cousins who light up my life every time i see them.

love to all in the AVM world xx

Kat, I"m so jealous. I’ve never had the opportunity to see Carlos Santana, but I have always wanted to! I’ve loved his music since the first time I heard it. I’ve also seen some interviews with him and he is a very inspiring speaker. I’m glad you go the chance to see him. Be well!

Kat, I never got into going to concerts but, Santana would be one I would definitly go see. You are sooo lucky. :slight_smile:

I'm someone who absolutely loves going to concerts but most of the concerts i go to are a lot crazier than a Santana concert. It was a strange feeling sitting down (or having a boogie) while listening to his pure talent rather than having a crazy mosh.

He was very inspiring though, for someone who is no longer religious i found he gave me a lot of hope and faith that everything will work out in the world.

Hi Kat. There is a new sub=group here...