Response from the specialists at Derriford Hospital, just keeping my friends updated because i've not been online for a while

Good Morning all, the appointments with specialist went ok it's taken so long because something they were concerned about something they saw on CT Scan. After seeing the shoulder surgeon on the 15th April I have inflamed twisted nerves running down my right side especially around my shoulder, arm, neck. Lack of use on my right shoulder/arm means the muscle is wasting away, surgery is not a option he feels it could make things worse. They've double checked the scan because they thought it might be tumour, but thank god it's not, I didn't even know they were checking for that ! nothing is broken In there etc which is the good news. Anyway, sorry for keeping on, the outcome is I need ultrasound guided injections into my shoulder, being referred to a pain specialist to try and control the pain and headaches. Once that's been done back to physiotherapy to try and build up my muscle around my right shoulder/arm. Physiotherapist reckons it could take another 6 months work on my shoulder/arm/leg. The way I'm looking at it is "one day at a time" my employer is looking to terminate my contract because it's coming up to 2 years since I''ve worked. I''ve been the the company for 23 years and started there when I was 17 years old, built my way up the ladder, being promoted then I had my brain AVM. Yes it sucks but I can't do anything about it, terminating my contract on incapable to fulfill my role. Had a appeal meeting to see if they can leave some sort of role open for me when I'm ready to return, waiting for their decision. Like I say "one day at a time" I hope everyone out there is ok. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your work situation and about the inflamed nerves, Darren. I looked up "inflamed nerves" and saw there are many possible causes, including a variety of illnesses, trauma, even exposure to certain viruses. Did your doctors suggest a cause?

Some of the articles I looked at suggested that therapeutic massage or acupuncture might be helpful; ask your doctors what they think about this. I hope you are not in too much pain.