Radiostatic surgery results

Hi guys I’m having Radiostatic surgery tomorrow and just want to know how everyone else who has had it feel and their experience and side effects

I had Gamma knife 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I haven’t had any side effects as a result of the surgery itself as of yet. The day of the surgery there is some discomfort associated to the frame, but I did not find it bad. Some numbness on the head for a while, but this is due to the freezing prior to attaching. The medical staff was great, as they have been since my involvement. Th MRI was really loud with the sound coming through the frame, much louder than without it attached. It was a really positive day for me.

Had mine almost 25 years ago and JD12 is right, the most painful part was the frame. Went ice fishing with friends right after (7days) much to my wife and doctors chagrin. The worst is waiting for the end results. Good luck Amy! Be thinking of you tomorrow!

Hi amy4,

Good luck for your surgery and hope it all goes well.

I had mine about 25 years ago so not sure how much things have progressed since then, but it was fine. I didn’t love the frame and felt a sharp burning sensation at the time. But nothing I couldn’t handle.
In terms of side effects, I think I was just pretty exhausted. Probably emotionally more than anything.

All the best!

I am having a gamma knife in an hour. It has been 15 days since my first seizure ans hope it will be the last. I am not stressed but little scared about the side effects.

I had cyber knife radiation in June of 2016 and had no immediate problems until about 3 months 4 months later i started to get brain swelling from the radiation and had to stay on the steroids way longer than they planned. I still have significant brain swelling almost a year later and I am just now trying again to taper off the steroids. The radiation is killing off the AVM very quickly though according to MRI scans.