Prism Glasses

My pair should show up within the next week. Looking to have you all share your experiences.

Good luck Jeremy, I had a fear after my surgery that my eyesight would be affected, But after a complete eye test with all the extras I was luckily cleared. Hope these help you and that our members can offer you the advice your looking for :) , Take care and I assume you have reviewed the search results related to this topic ?


We know a person who has been on these prism glasses for several months now, because of
having double vision. He is still working the same hours as he used to, and doesn't seem
to be held back by the glasses. I had double vision more than a year ago, just for a couple
times, and also a few times saw changing blobs in front of my eyes, but I am now seeing
a doctor about this and if it does not grow worse I am told that I am OK for the present.

Hoping that yours work out well for you!

I had forgotten about those glasses. I had prism glasses for a few months after my crainiotomy. They were real strong, but they worked good. At that time, I thought they popped my eye out during surgery. My wife had to explain to me many times that my memories from the surgery weren’t always correct.

Then, one day, they didn’t work anymore. It took me a few hours to try the old glasses. But they worked.

I currently have glasses with prism lenses. I have diagonal double vision, so they are correcting the vertical. I can see a difference. I only had ground in first, but have stick on also now too. Being near sighted is more noticeable, but double vision, while less noticeable (to me) affects a lot.

I got mine in and have worn them a bunch. They correct double vision especially at a distance. Most of the time I put night time paste and skip the glasses. My problem is that the eye doesn’t tear like it used to.