Pregnancy and partially clipped aneurysm

Can anyone share on any facts or statistics they know about this situation? I am 28 and can feel my biological clock ticking stronger and stronger every day. My partner and I are both ready and wanting a child but are a little hesitant given my specific situation. Please advise.

Thank you!

Hello Krystal, I have my two boys and I was told by many doctors here in Riverside, San Diego and UCLA never to have children because I could and would loose my life. I have been labeled as a high risk patient for many, many years… I had children by c-section because of my condition. I would advise you to visit a couple of pediatricians and ask for their advise.

Remember your life and your unborn would be at risk.
It was very difficult for me to have a doctor see me because of my condition, most refused so I had to go through my first few months with out seeing a pediatrician.

Hi Krystal

All my doctor have recommended that I do not fall pregnant while I have the AVM. I have been told it is a huge risk as it could rupture. My hubby and I are looking at other options. I too feel like my time is running out.

Please keep me up to date.

Good luck

Wow! Thank you both for your advice. I will tread cautiously.


I’m 35 and had three children before diagnosis. I think there is hope but you would have to be monitored very closely and plan for a c section.

hey, same as above - I have been advised not to have any children as the changes and pressure would be too much for the avm to accomodate. Not to scare you but the reality is you are putting your life and babies life at risk, a friend of mine unfortunately passed away while giving birth, but the doctors assumed a natural birth. I have asked for advice on this and they my neuro say that if I do fall pregnant which wouldnt be the best scenario then if I was able to carry to full term then C-SECTION would definately have to be done. As you have a partially clipped aneurysm I would assume that the pressure caused would be less than one not clipped at all. good luck :smiley:

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I was 13 weeks pregnant when my avm ruptured. I was 19 weeks pregnant when I had a craniotomy. I am now 27 weeks pregnant. No one could offer me advice for any of this. Every dr said it was incredibly rare that a pregnant woman suffered a ruptured avm. Not according to Wiki. They said most avms rupture after the first trimester ( repeat, i was 13 weeks pregnant) But this is also my second baby. With my first preg, I had severe migraines, more intense than any before. I gave birth naturally with the only problem being caused by my anemia. For this one, I am not sure how to deliver now that the avm is removed. I have been told that a c section is not necessary but recommended. I was told that they have ways to help me push without actually pushing??? i have never heard of that and have yet to research it. I requested to b treated (avm) as tho i was not preg, putting the baby directly in harms way. I have worries now but without me, theres no baby. i wish you luck and would recommend you get as many opinions as possible before you make any permanent decisions.

I have an untreated AVM and had my first baby in 2010 with no problems. My OB, my general neuro, and the neurosurgeon I was seeing all said go for it! They did monitor the pregnancy a little closer than normal at first just to be sure, but didn’t have any issues. My OB suggested as a precaution that I have an assisted delivery which basically means they would take over when it came to pushing so that I wouldn’t have the blood pressure spikes and straining associated with pushing. I’m sure a lot of it depends on your specific medical history and the specific history of your AVM, but you may want to check around before chalking it up as a “no.”

Your right beth it does depend on where your avm is located and the particulars, mine is in the brain stem and they have told me (10 neurosurgeons) not to fall pregnant - but different locations would be less sinister... maybe :D