Pre Op Today

Today, I had pre operative testing, I'm getting nervous about the surgery on Thursday!


You are in my prayers. We do not get tested in life for no apparent reason. We are just one of the groups of strongest people!!! Stay positive :)

I wish you the best! Mind if I ask what types of testing they plan to do?

Nervousness is certainly understandable. Sending good vibes your way. We'll be anxioius to hear from you once you're able to tell us how well it went!

Whitney, Thanks for your comments.. I too believe everything is for a reason!

Jake, when I said testing, I meant EKG, Blood Pressure, etc...checking to see if I am ok for surgery, tomorrow...Thanks for your well wishes!!

Ninibeth very sweet of you to send positive thoughts my way! I need all I can get! Thanks for remembering me when you pray!

Trish, you made me think of the Beach Boys tune "Good Vibrations", Hopefully I will sing it tomorrow before I go in!!!

Thanks everyone, its really cool to be able to vent about this to others that know where I am coming from, because really no one else has a clue!!!

Michael, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay Strong and Stay Positive! When you can, let us know how you are doing.

Positive energy

I ask the universe/angels to surround Michael that need positive energy in white, healing

These nerves are so normal Michael and you will have alot of prayers being said for you on Thursday for a successful surger!!!

Get ready for the many blessings heading your way :)!

Good luck with your surgery! I'm scheduled for surgery on February 10.... feeling the nerves as well. Just looking forward to when it's all over!

Best of luck!


Sending more waves of positive energy your way! Plus praying too!!

Let us hear from you Michael when you can. Here is hoping all went well with surgery.