Post Gamma Knife Experiences

I am trying to find anyone else that has had swelling and pain in their extremities post GK, that eventually subsided, or went away altogether. Mine was in my hands and feet. My hands are normal again, and my feet are no longer swollen, but they still hurt. I have had quite a few transient oddities and am hoping this is also going to pass. If anyone has had a similar experience, I would really like to hear. This all hit while we are uninsured, so I can’t go from Dr. to Dr. until I find one that knows what in the world. I have a Neurologist locally that dismisses me, (I’d like to dismiss him, but what if…? crappin, crap), a flippant GP (I’m not sure he knew what Gamma Knife was) and my Neurosurgeon that I trust absolutely, but is 5 hours away. Besides, I’d like to hear it from someone that’s had it done. So…any post GK stories would be welcome.
Oh yeah, has anyone had trouble with headaches when flying (altitude, pressure changes)? Thanks to all!!!

I’m so sorry you are uninsured…these procedures are very expensive. It must be such a worry for you, and that kind of stress can only make things worse. Have you talked to any social workers about whether or not you would be able to get medicaid or medicare? We were completely in the dark about Lizzie’s options until a social worker at the neuro rehab center talked with us about it. Perhaps your neurosurgeon’s office can direct you to someone who can get you that info? Good luck. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

My GP is clueless, too. I had to explain it to him. Can’t fault him though because the condition is very rare.

I’ve had weekly headaches for 3 years. My neurologist prescribed Fiorcet. Fabulous results. You should try it.

I fly weekly for work, never had a problem, so I don’t think the pressure hurts, but who knows. We’re all different.

I have pain/pressure in different places on the inside surface of my head; it is hard to explain. when i put an ice pack on it, it feels better. The dr. says it just numbs it–but whatever works.
Anyway its not like a headache. I always wonder if it is from the gamma knife–do you have anything like that–or anyone else out there from the gk?