Post Bleed Panic about Funny Feelings Worry etc

Hi guys

Bit of a mess at the moment and confused.
Had a bleed from an AVM in April of this year and spent the next two months getting back to some kind of normal. I was paralyzed down my left side.

I am back at work full time now but feeling kinda rough. I am in a sort of panic at the moment undergoing tests for certain pains. I am not sure if it is down to me being stressed, my stroke or something else.

Here is what i get...

I have had a pain at the bottom of my ribs for the last 3 months. Kinda like wind or like i have pulled something. This is only on the side that i was paralyzed. Doctor sent me for Chest Xray and Ultrasound which is all ok. The pain gets really bad when i sit for long periods.

I also have this sinusitis kinda thing in my left nostril and cold feelings on my left side of my head.

I am panic ridden all the time. My tummy is all over the place. One minute i have an ulcer, cancer, gas, another bleed...i can't seem to work it out.

Next test is gonna be a tube down throat.

Something inside me is telling me that i pulled a muscle in my weaker side and got tummy trouble as i was worried. But for some reason i am all over the place looking everything up on google...not good.

Has anyone else had weird tummy things or cold feelings. I thought i was on the mend. Doctor just shrugs when i say that i wonder if it is stroke related.

Any advice welcomed. Thanks

Um, Idk how to answer? Be thankful your paralysis was only tempporary?
Secondly, I have to ask about your sensations. Like on your skin. My weakness is not temporary but I have lost what I called my "glass-laced indian burn" meaning: I have less feeling now than when i first had the bleed; which I prefer over the constant pain BUT and this is why I ask about your sensations as I can be totally hemiparesis is left-sided...most shirts have tags on the inside of the shirt...ON THE LEFT. I have had to remove these tags as they cause me serious discomfort. Sometimes it feels like something is stabbing me or constantly punching me and it's just this little tag touching me. I know, it sounds stupid but just in case, I thought I'd toss you that tidbit of info out there for you.
My left head gets cold, like waves or washes for what I thought was no reason. But, I've also had a crani on my right head. Once I started taking migraine meds I noticed that these "washes" would occur when my incision was feeling pressure whether because of temp/weather change or what-have-you. The migraine meds decreased the left-sided sensations and made the actual cause of my "washes" more noticeable. My Dr. agrees it's most likely referred pain from my crani but can't say if it's the skull or the actual brain tisue or whatever.
*sigh* My migraines start in my left nostril, moves into my left eye and then settle directly opposite the location of my avm which was nestled in the right hemisphere between the flaps of the parietal and frontal lobes, right against my motor function area, hence, why my deficit is not temporary. When this nostril thing first started after my bleed and crani, it barely affected me then over 6 months to a years time, it developed into severe migraines and affected me greatly (to where I was going to ER for morphine for relief). That's how I got meds. I was tired of being looked at like a druggie so I begged my Dr. for a non-narcotic med. Now it's way manageable. Just telling you I have experienced the same crap but am in no way telling you this is what is happening to you.

This is a very early time in your recovery. The brain does not recover as quickly as having a broken takes much longer. Make sure you tell your doctor all your symptoms and hopefully he can help you get through this quicker. You also are back to work very soon after having a brain bleed. Stay Strong and Stay Positive!