Possible treatment!

Hey! I'm so so so excited to post this, but am also feeling a bit nervous to be excited because I know the possibility of treatment is the same as the possibility of disappointment. Here is the blog link anyway, please join me in my prayers that the plastic surgeon agrees to give me this one last shot, the chance I really really want and need. Sorry it's been so long since I last linked my blog here, I haven't been posting much recently! Have a wonderful weekend, thinking of everyone xx

I'm glad you're making progress, Steph. Were you able to discuss the possibility of using bioengineered skin?

No, not today - I already made him overrun by an hour or so and am seeing him again next week anyway, I think. I did ask my vascular surgeon though and he said they were only being trialled over here and not available to people who aren't enrolled in the trials...

Hi Steph,

Hope everything works out for you!

Best wishes,