Pins and Needles on scalp

Hi friends!

I am almost 6 months post surgery for my right frontal avm. Haven’t had anything major happen after aside from a pulmonary embolism which is it’s own journey lol. For the last 3 days I’ve been getting pins and needles on and off on the opposite side of my head (back left) and am concerned it’s something bad. I wouldn’t be concerned if it was around my incision since I’ve had numbness and tingling there before but this is new. Has anyone experienced anything like this and know what it could be. I know it could be completely benign but my head is running circles around itself about it and just want some peace of mind. I did call my neurologist and waiting for a call back but I’m not sure they will have any advice except “deal with it”

I can’t help a great deal, I was a gamma knife recipient. I get the odd pins and needles and numbness sensation on my scalp from time to time. It hasn’t been severe enough to cause me a lot of worry and generally just chalk it up to blood flow. I did a couple times just check my blood pressure to make sure it wasn’t way off. I hope your neurologist gets back to you quickly, and can say that I’m a big believer in getting things checked out! Take Care, John

Hi Jessica
I had a craniotomy about 5 tears ago ant the top of my head went numb - i don’t really have any sensation at all on top of my head! The Neuro said it was because they sever some big nerves and i might never regain sensation to the top of my head, but i haven’t had puns and needles so i reckon a chat to your Neuro would be a good starting point.
Hope you get to the bottom of it though

Hi @Jessica12 sorry I missed your post first time round. I’m with you on the “Why is this on the wrong side?” Did you get anywhere with the neurologist?

Hi thank you for the replies. I mean wrong side because my incision/surgery is front right and the pins and needles are back left. I talked to my dr office and they said it was nothing to worry about. Just an annoying thing I guess. They have gone away for now so that’s positive.


What I think I probably said when you first went in for the operation is that recovery isn’t a straight line: it seems common to have weird things happen. However, given the opposite side from your incision, it is sensible to be suspicious of it.

Hope it continues to stay away :crossed_fingers:t3:

I guess we are all different & it’s to be expected to feel funny feelings on our scalp after such traumatic surgery!

I had my surgery in 2011 & I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel new bumps & strange lumps etc from time to time… I just learnt to live with it & my surgeon always said to me as long as it’s not posing any issues or treated with general pain relief that works then don’t be worried… if concerned I would definitely seek the right advice by the medical experts… God bless!