Patent Foramen Ovale and AVM

Had an AVM resection in 2000 for a rupture in the right frontal-temporal-parietal area. Surgery was successful and deficits are minimal and I have been able to adapt. In June 2014 I had cardiac ablation for SVT's. At follow-up appointment today with electro-physiologist, I told him migraines have significantly increased since procedure and I was planning on going to Cleveland Clinic-Migraine Clinic. He said that when doing the procedure he found the PFO in the heart, and that there is a possible correlation. Today is the first time I was ever told I had PFO. In light of the history of AVM and migraines since I was 8 (now in my 50's), I am very concerned, the EP doc wasn't, and also he isn't concerned with my now low blood pressures and very low energy level. Anybody else have similar experience or any suggestions? Would very much appreciate input, thank-you.

Pfo has come up once or twice before on the site. If you use the search box in the upper right corner, you can access those discussions.