Panic Attack or Seizure

Hello everyone…I had an avm removed from my brain almost on the motor skills part. I was also diagnosed as have simple partial seizures…but to be honest I don’t know if I have ever had a seizure…so I am not sure what one feels like. Awhile back this April I smoked pot for the first time…let me say big mistake. I think I suffered a huge panic attack…I think or it could have been a seizure…I am going crazy because I am afraid to be alone at night because I am afraid it will happen again and I don’t have help as my husband works nights. Anyone who can give some insight as what to do…how to approach thia? I am scared.

Awe! Sorry you have to be alone at night. Maybe a life line alert and a puppy? :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about your Panic Attack/Seizure. With that and your AVM, I can see your concern about being alone. The suggestion below about a life alert might give you some peace of mind. If you do decide to get one... My mother found a device that costs $125 but has no monthly fee. It links to your phone and will call up to 5 pre-programmed numbers with your message. It's available at most pharmacies.

I think my AVM is close to where your seems to be. I have experienced some minor Panic Attacks since my two bleeds but mine were minor. My guess is if you have any more they will be less severe as your brain heals. My has gotten better. However, still had to be sedated for my MRI yesterday.

BTW: If you want to hear how well the brain can heal, the youtube link below is a "TED Talk" from brain researcher. Jill Bolte Taylor. It took her 8 years to recover from a massive hemorrhage. The video is a little long but it also shows how well the human brain can recover. It took her a long time to re-learn to walk, but she is now a well known speaker with no signs of her injury.

Good luck. Stay positive and focus on the future.