One more day

One more day then Gamma knife, so Tuesday is admission day so bloods ect then Wednesday is the knife plus mri and angiogram so it’s going to be a long day.
Hope your all doing ok and hanging on, love to you all.

Sarah xx


Good luck!

Matty had a decent time of it, so relax about it as best you can. Nothing to do but go through the steps, one bit at a time. I think I said this the other day but I looked upon going through my embolisation as being on holiday: nothing I could do other than be a good patient and let the hospital folk look after me. They’ll look after you, too.

You are in first class hands in Sheffield.

Lots of love,



All the best Sarah! Take Care, John.

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Good luck, Sarah!! Wishing you all the best!


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Good luck, all the best!!

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steroids day today, did it go ok.


Yeah it was ok apart from from giving blood, four attempts, so really bruised, she ended up taking it in the hand, which bloody hurts. So I’m ready for tomorrow, bags packed, kindle charged, and take the last tablet, and that’s me done.
How are you today?

Thinking of you Sarah!! Were all pulling for you, be strong and positive, good thoughts, keep us posted, god bless

Hope you have received the best treatment and yet better results.

I would like to know about your experience. I am also going to Gamma Knife in Toronto this coming November, after two embolizations.

Be always positive, that’s the number one medicine, and let us know about your progress.


Hi egarcia, before it’s done they will offer you meds, take them it will relax you, the worst is the injections the fitting of the frame is pain free, uncomfortable but manageable. I had mri and angiogram, so adds on 4 hours of waiting after they were done. The gamma itself is pain free, when the frame is removed, the tension is released, then it’s a big deep breath and a big sigh of relief, yes the pin holes do feel bruised, mine sill do after 4days, it did make me very tired, but as long as you put your feet up you will get through this. Iv got the next one mid October. I hope you get on ok In November and I’m sure you will, stay strong sending my love xxx

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Hello Sarah,

Thank your for responding. Yours’ covers vry much my expectations.

Because of my professional activity (I am a simultaneous interpreter),
which demands a high level of concentration and exhausting long hours, I am
not sure if that could have a negative impact in my brain Gamma Knife
scheduled for this coming November. When I asked, the doctors who evaluated
my current condition, encouraged me to keep working normally. I am
currently preparing an international conference that will be held in
Toronto for a week; many linguistic issues are related to the 300+
presenters, and that is leading me to a short sleeping time. That concerns
me too.

Another activities I have suspended are my regular swimming and moderated
gym. Those were helping me after the first coil embolization; however, on
the second one (onyx glue), I stopped them due to an intense pain on the
back of my head.

One of the potential risks that concerns me most - for working reasons too

  • is the chance of losing some memory or issues related with it. Have you
    (and by extension to any of the readers) experienced some of those
    remembering issues?

Thank you again.


Hello Enrique, my days don’t change,your day to day life may never change, for me with memory, too early for me to say, as mine was 5 days ago, and I haven’t noticed any loss. I do have a dull ache on the right hand side,but try not worry.


Good luck Sarah. You’re having several procedures in one day. I pray everything goes well. Be patient during your recovery. When you feel up to it, please let us know how you’re doing. God Bless you.

Sharon D…

Thank you Sharon. One day at a time, I go for more Gamma knife end of October.
Take care