One Long Day of Surgery...But, Well Worth It!

My husband came out of surgery tonight (very late) and is doing fantastic! Dr. Steinberg and team were actually able to get more of the AVM than expected (about 3/4 of the 10cm AVM). We are very pleased and optimistic about future treatment (not sure if that will be another surgery or CyberKnife).

Although my husband is experiencing a little pain and discomfort right now, I think we all agree this is the best day ever! :-)

Thanks to everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers...Please keep them coming. It's working! :-)

That's great news Gail! I wish your husband the best. The pain won't be bad for too long.

I'm soooooo glad to hear he's doing so well!!!
I'm happy for both of you! :)
Pls. tell Dave to keep up the good work. ;)
Will try giving a call @ the hospital tomorrow...
Big hugs,

Wonderful news Gails! My very best wishes to both of you and my thoughts & prayers also with both of you!

Super Hurrah!

Great news, Gail!

So glad to hear from you and that it went well. You are in our thoughts and sending good energy your way. Remember not a race but a new journey so rest, baby steps, deep breath, good meds, walking to take in the sunshine. All the very best.

Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. My husband is doing very well...even after having a couple seizers a few days ago. That was scary, but we were assured by the doctors that it's not uncommon for this to happen. He's out of ICU and feeling more "normal" now. :-) So, the plan now is to continue on with treatment...We'll find out more about that later today. Thanks again for everyone's support!

That is fantastic!!!! keep up the good work and stay strong!!!!!