One eye bigger than the other

Hi there, has anyone noticed one eye being bigger than the other since the avm? Does anyone know if that ever heals and goes back to normal? After my embolization, my doctor said he had accidentally got some onyx in some parts of my brain and it will affect my eyesight so Iā€™m wondering if that has anything to do with one eye b eing more open. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey, M - sorry, I'm not much help here bc one of my eyes has ALWAYs been bigger than the other. Not a cute look, I've always felt, but whatever. (I've got a lazy eye). I have had vision changes post AVM and did Vision Therapy for 9 months with improvement. It's worth researching ( and going for an exam especially if you feel your vision has been impaired. bye :) atnt

Thank you for sharing :) us girls always want to look our best especially when we notice small changes from the avm :/