My skys turning shads a new

Michael you where sent to briten up this world with your simle and love thoue your life was so short you gave life so much happyness. Your love you gave so freely with out asking anything in return.Since you went away it;s hard from time to time to live here with out you but then i think of you and the love you gave to me. It helps me throue each and every day.Your simle is helping the pain slowly going away.I keep you in my heart so closely with in.Throue hevens gates you had to go that day . the sky was hevy with my greving heart . My world turned so blue my son when you went away but now the sky is turning all shads a new. I will never foget you but i must let you rest. To let the pain go is what i must do so in my heart you will live and your smile will carry me throue I’'m so glad god picked me to be your mother. I will never say goodby but only i will see you in my dreams.