My little Brother 17 prom night diaster

Today is Weds May 10th 2017 last Saturday we found my little brother had a AVM in his postural frontal lobe near the speech and language on the left side. He’s had a surgery which went well. He is completely numb on his right side and he cant talk, although his face is fairly symmetrical. What can I do to stimulate his brain? How common is it to get movement back?? Does anyone ever come 100% back to normal? I’m up in Maine. Please reply

WOW!!! Your brother is so fortunate to have a big brother like you, looking into this and trying to understand/help, YES, thing can and do get better, it’s a slow process but just be there for him,try to treat him normally, pitty and sarrow is not what we need, understanding and compassion is all we ask, I only wish my two elder brother were you!! god bless and best of luck to you and your family, keep us posted, you have come to the right place my friend,. Barrows institute in Phoenix is a world class nuero center, very helpful, maybe contact them, I am 30 yrs post surgery, please tell your bro hello for me, be strong and carry on!! You are not alone,

Hi Duncan, I don’t have the answers for you but what I can say is that brain healing takes a long time even for small changes and improvements, What can you do ?, Just be there for him to support him and keep him positive and fighting, We all have dark times especially when along and have time to think things over, But with help we can all fight through these and remain positive, Thinking of you and your brother, Take care


hes so postive hes the only one that seems not scared at all hes so brave.

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Duncan maybe like I did he has accepted that there is a problem but is confident that he’ll get better over time :slight_smile: , He may feel like “hey could have been worse, I survived” and not time to get better !, This is a fighting attitude and what we like to hear here :slight_smile: , Feel free to reach out to other members for any info you need also related to doctors or recovery for specific things, Use the search bar at the top right side of the page next to your profile and I hope you guys are doing good.


thank you so much, where you paralyzed also if you dont mind me asking?