My husband has a 30cm AVM in his right thigh :(

Hi :) Just wanting to talk with anyone that has an AVM in their thigh/limbs... (see my profile for my basic story) Just wanting to share experiences. I am not the one with it, it is my husband but he doesn't really go on the computer. He will look over my shoulder though and most the questions will be coming from him and I will tell him any comments I might have. I have so many questions but don't know where to start. But a good start I suppose would be to find the right friends that have this same problem. He is only at the early stages at moment. So only recently found out about his AVM, had an angiogram and has been given a compression bandage for the pain to try for a couple of months. We have a general idea what an AVM is. My membership is still pending for the Australian AVMsurvivor page. We are in Western Australia, 450km north of Perth, along the coast in a remote town of 38000 called Geraldton. We have access to health care but everyone seems clueless to AVM's. We have found the right Doctor in the end to diagnose it, but it took forever to find the right result...looking forward to replies :)