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On the 27th of June, at about 3pm, I received a call from someone, who told me your daughter has just collapsed. I was so shocked because she was not sick before she left the house. I rushed to the hospital to find my 26years old final year student of Midwestern state university in coma. I wept. I was told she was bleeding in her brain,in her brain stem. They called it AVM,I have never heard of it, would she had avoided this great damage if it was diagnosed early? Could it have been avoided? Why the silence on AVM??? I need all the support and advice to go through this. I can’t go through this alone. It’s so sad…

Hi becky, I recently welcomed you to this site and now I say good for you for posting a blog here. I am certain your words will comfort someone and that other members will reach out to you. My understanding on AVMs is that 1% or less of the population have them and of that 1%, maybe 2% will have a problem with them. So, my understanding is that your daughter's AVM burst was unavoidable and indeed, at this time, the medical community does not do any routine testing for AVMs. becky, I was in a coma for several weeks and actually spent 9 weeks in a hospital setting but have no memory of that time. I consider myself fortunate for my husband came every day morning until night and my children (at the time, they were almost 22 and 19) came often too along with other visitors. Again, I have no memory of my visitors but I was told of their visits. becky, your demonstrated love for your daughter is commendable and she will recover. God bless your family and you.

Hi, Becky - I was 30 when mine bled with zero warning. I lived and worked in Oregon at the time so my parents were unable to fly out from Washington, D.C. until the next day. They waited another month+ for me to wake up. It has been over 3 years. Honestly, I am thankful mine was not diagnosed prior to the rupture. Yes, it was catastrophic, but I lived, learned to walk again, and am learning to live again. If my parents had known that something was growing in my head I would have never travelled, gone to school, etc. I had a good life, and God knew mine would rupture when it did. He also knew that I would have hard decisions to make regarding what I believe, and that once I decided I could pursue recovery at full tilt. I'm sending you a hug! If you want to know more, read this. :)atnt

Hi Becky. My 22 year old son had a hemorrhage in his brain stem (medulla)8 months ago.When he bled the doctors said they thought they would need to induce a coma. As it turned out he did not get put into a coma. After his bleed he could not talk, eat, walk, stand, his vision was double and blurry. Eight months after this he is doing almost everything again including eating, talking, walking and many physical activities. I never would have thought that a body could heal itself. I have read many accounts (not just on here) of people who were in comas, who came out of it, survived and went on to lead a good life. My thoughts are with you as we all know how trying and terrifying this experience is for you and your family. Hang in there and have hope and faith.