My follow up after angiogram

I had a few alarming symptoms since the year begun. I knew that I would have tingling sensation and migraines that come and go, but recently I started having muscle spasms ONLY on my right side. The AVM was on the left side of my brain and in the part that controls mobility.
I drove to Shands Hospital last week and I had an MRI taken with contrast, and then went to see my doctor, Dr Friedman. When he saw the MRI results he explained that there is a tiny part of my brain that is just dead tissue cause of the vein that was blocked and the surroundings were a bit swollen. He mentioned that it is normal as a result of the Radiosurgery and that the dead tissue will eventually subside and the swelling too. He also explained that the spasms are mild seizures so he prescribed a low dose of Keppra.
Has anybody else had a similar result or symptoms, etc?