My day yesterday

I was in the process of asking if I should call my Dr to see if I needed to get checked out but I didn't finish. I did go yesterday because as I was typing I got light headed and couldn't talk right. My right forearm arm had been hurting and then my pinky finger and ringer finger on that same side started to feel numb. I had awoken with a headache yesterday that I finally got rid of but my head still felt "full". I went on to work and about 1 or 2 pm my right arm started acting up. That is when I was going to ask if I needed to call.I called Mayo and they told me togo to the hospital here. Anyway I went to the ER and got a CT scan to see if there had been any changes. I felt silly cause I only had the numbness in my two fingers at that point. Jacksonville is so far away. Anyway they called my Dr in Jacksonville and he told them to give me some IV steroids and a dose pack that I could take at home. I had my first radiation treatment Feb 11 of this year.
I was wondering I did a good bit of heavy lifting at my Father's house on Saturday. I have been tired feeling ever since. I didn't want him doing any of it because he falls all the time. I am having to take care of him too. He is at my house because his house is in an awful mess. I know it will take a long time to clean but Daddy had it in his head we could wipe it out in one day. I knew that wern't gonna happen.
Anyone think that could have contributed to my episode or would it have happened anyway?

Hi Melissa,
There's no reason to "feel silly" when experiencing new & frightful symptoms. You did the right thing by going to the E.R.
I would encourage you ask your Mayo Clinic drs. what activities are considered 'safe' for you @ this time of your recovery. As impatient as we may get, our brains take a long time to heal & recover. Generally, moderation is key & to listen to your body when you need to rest. :)
Sounds like you have a lot on your hands between your recovery & helping your dad. Is there someone who can give you a hand? Other family members, friends, neighbors, church, community services, etc?
Best wishes.

I agree with Patti.

AVM patients require different amounts of rest and levels of stress. You have to find your own level.

Getting someone else to handle your Dad's situation sounds like one area to eliminate stress.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi Melisa,

Never feel silly for playing it safe. It's hard to say what may or may not have triggered it - if anything did. For myself, my drs. told me to be careful at doing any physically straining activities. It's not that I don't do them - I simply pace myself. It's possible you may have over done it. Next time - pay attention on how you are feeling when you do this again ( And I know you will- :) ). Pay attention to your pulse rate and your blood pressure. You can feel the difference when it goes up. It takes some training but, you learn to tell the difference.

I normally get the effect the day after I over do it. Not when I'm doing it. Trial and error has taught me to pay close attention to my body. It's more like a "self awareness" thing.