My Brother

We took our brother Peter to the Park for a BBQ today.. the park is across from the hospital... Peter was a little chatty but his short term memory is not good,and gets very confused. Having rehab 4 times a week and the family all take it in turns for support...
I am happy to have found this site, thanks everyone..

hi William...wishing your brother good luck in his recovery n the family strength n courage to support the journey...


Hello William. I am new to this group as well... I am so sorry about your brother. Did he just had surgery? he is blessed to have such a caring family

Hell0 Dandelionwishes
yes my brother had surgery on the 8th January 2013, he had a brain bleed on the 21st December..only 5 weeks since his surgery.. he was in the PA Hospital in Brisbane now has been transfered to Toowoomba Base ... only early stages ...
how are you doing ?

Thanks Santhosh

I am doing ok i supposed. Going thru a lot of confusion and "not know what to do" right now. My prognostic is not very good either way I go...
What exactly did your brother have/had? I have a deep brainstem bleeding cavernoma and possible AMV too. Was that your brother's first bleed?

Hi William
Brain surgery takes a little more than 5 weeks to recover from. Rehab may also take time. No two instances are alike, and it would be great if the family provides him with as much support as needed, throughout this very complex journey.
As others will tell you, on the outside a survivor tends to look no different over time, but the hidden deficits may be there indefinitely.
Memory loss, and sudden emotional outbursts also DO occur. Each of us reacted in different ways - some vent, others become introverts.
The important thing is for your brother, and the family, to find the therapeutic things - be it meeting and sharing with other survivors, finding common interests with others, even writing a short note to other survivors.
Keep your chin up, be positive, and always be there for your brother.

William, I hope that your brother will show great improvement and that he fully recovers--this site is so good for those who endure chronic illness and pain, but also those family members and friends who deal with loved ones who have the illness--it is a daily struggle either way! The friends on here are so comforting and understanding, and that is what is needed.

We will pray for your brother and family and hope that his life is what he wants it to be. Please take care and visit often!