My 9 yr old having a ct angiograph of the lungs with contrast and just had angiogram of the spine

Well the angiogram didn’t find the avm in the spine only very prominent venous plexus and enlarged irregular veins. Could be normal? But will rescan in 3-6 months. The angiogram was 3/19. Now with have a positive echocardiogram bubble study positive he is having a ct angiograph Friday to check for lung avm. He also had X-rays this month too. Concerned over the amount if radiation to his body. Any input? Also any experience in scanning for lung avm? Did you have contrast? Also asking again if anyone had an angiogram miss the avm or avf?


It is unlikely that an angiogram would miss the AVM. Contrast is needed to be able to visualize very small vessels an to see how the blood flows. Yes, radiation exposure is a concern. Ask that the radiation be set to the lowest possible setting without compromising the quality of the images. The CT my daughter had at the NIH is so sophisticated that it can do the scan in one heart beat with minimal radiation!

Best of luck and will be thinking about you and your son.