Multiple AVMs

Is there anyone here who has had an AVM in the extremities, anywhere but the brain, and then later had one in the brain? I was treated for an AVM in 2009 in my left masseter muscle and hasn’t really had much of a problem since, I have telangiectases on my left shoulder and the occasional nose bleed, but never heavy. However, what used to be annual migraines, have increased to monthly migraines with aura and I feel like my eyesight is worsening, could be completely unrelated, but I’m worried and am wondering whether I should have a brain scan.
I welcome any comments/suggestions?

Sara, have you told your AVM doctor about your headaches? What does he think? If you have had angiograms, it is possible your brain has already been checked -- my son's was.

Thanks for getting back to me. My last angiogram and MRI scan was in 2009, they never mentioned checking my brain, and I never thought to ask. I haven’t seen my AVM doctor since 2009, wasn’t told I needed check ups, but to contact them if I had a problem in the future.

How is the facial avm? Is it gone? or still active?

The AVM in my masseter muscle is no longer active, no more feeding vessels.

That's great news, Sara.