MRI Results

I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday for the results of my MRI. He said there was “an area of enhanced contrast” at the site of my AVM, and told me this is common and “self correcting” after Gamma Knife. It’s possible that this is the cause of my headaches (or maybe not). I will need another MRI in 6 months to check on it, but it should gradually go away, and hopefully the headaches will go away too. I was relieved by his report. But after looking at my records, I noticed something that he never mentioned. It said I had “microvascular ischemic disease.” Does anyone know what this means? I Googled it, and I’m still not sure if this is something everyone gets as they age (I’m 67), or should I be concerned? It has to do with possible stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s. Now I’m worried again. There’s always something!

Hmmm…i googled that too and its a little confusing, isn’t it? I would go to your family doctor and ask him/her what they think and maybe you should just have some testing done for your heart, blood flow, pressure, etc. to make sure that is okay. I think because they are different problems, the neurosurgeon didn’t address it, maybe?? They only seem to do what is in their scope of practice. But I would at least ask your doctor.