MRI after coiling

Help!Has anyone had MRI after coiling for AVM on the Vein of Galen(brain) with aneurysm and von Willebrand Disease(bleeding disorder)?My son’s doctor wants to do a MRI to determine if he is a candidate for a surgery to get rid of his shunt.He is currently in the hospital due to infection after shunt revision.He has an external drain,a PIC line and LOTS of coils.I’ve heard of stents moving and/or heating up,IV’s melting and bleeding.And all this is from the makers of the MRI machines.I seem to be one of the only people worried about this and it’s driving me nuts.I’ve already gotten my miracle(my son surviving intact when they said he wouldn’t) and I don’t want to screw that up for something that might not work or damage him beyond repair

Andrew has had MRI’s post coiling. I know they did a lot of checking to find out exactly what the coils where made of, but they said his were MRI safe. He had no problems or complications.

My daughter has an aneurysm clip as a souvenir from her craniotomy, and it was MRI safe. It does however throw some “artifact” as they called it, which my understanding is that it makes the MRI little less clear in that area because of it. I know it is not the same thing as a coil, but should be similar. I think some of it has to do with when it was put in. These days they make them MRI safe. I would think his medical records would say, or the radiologists at the hospital could check on it.

Before 1994, ALL clips for aneurysms were made of an alloy of iron-tantallium, which is strongly magnetic,but now coiling and clips are made from nonferrous metals which will not react to MRIs.This is available on the net but I not sure where. Gordon

Erin, I would trust the doctor’s and MRI staff. I’m a nurse and trust me, the MRI nurses would not put their licenses on the line by doing an MRI on someone that could cause a problem. As for IVs and external drains (ventriculostomies) I am sure they are okay as I have had them myself with MRIs. The coils I am not positive about. But I really would trust the medical staff.