More Surgery on the horizon


Good to hear from you: it is always a worry when any member goes quiet, often not a good sign. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time of it and I hope you get that gadolinium flushed out soon.

Big hug from me!


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Hi Merl, Sorry you’re feeling lousy. I don’t see why we have to beg for copies of scans. Don’t we, indirectly, pay for those expensive fancy machines that take the pics? I could understand if you were a minor or incapacitated, but besides being a teeny bit weird, you have as much mental capacity as anyone I know. I’m hoping for favorable results for you. Greg

What’s this teeny bit? I’m fully, no teeny bits here. :rofl:

It’s going to be a months wait, so I’ll wait, get the neuro’s interpretation and scan authorization directly. I don’t really see the sense in getting a 2nd opinion when I haven’t even had the first, his, opinion explained. I can view the images and I can see the issue, but as to why going chop, chop is the best option, that needs to be discussed…at length and explained… …at length.



I have to agree! :kissing_heart:

Keep going Merl!