Mini Seizure?

Hi everyone
I experienced a very strange feeling last night... I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before and whether it could be related to me over-doing things during the day.
I had a fairly busy day. I hadn't done any form of strenuous activity in a while (since being diagnosed with my AVM, I have taken things pretty easy). I was feeling quite energetic yesterday and decided to do a big clean of the kitchen. Then I decided to go to the gym. After 25mins of brisk walking on the treadmill, I had a visual aura, very similar to my usual visual auras prior to migraines and my 2 seizures. I quickly stopped what i was doing and came home, took my usual migraine tablets and lay in the dark for about 5mins. Then I started experiencing a giddy sort of feeling (not really dizzy)... I saw my usual flashing lights, but accompanied by outlines of people's faces, they looked somewhat familiar, but they didn't have distinct features. Just their silhouettes. After a couple of minutes they were all gone, and except for a bit of a headache I felt perfectly fine. Has anyone experienced this? Is this classified as a seizure and is it any reason for concern?


Hi Kate
My first instinct on reading this is I would see your doctor. I am on Keppra after I had a proper seizure and if I get tired I sometimes get strange sensations and am off balance. I found Keppra really weird when I first went on it 3 months ago but decided to give up coffee and chocolate and its been a lot better. Are you on anti-seizure medication?

Hi Carol! I have had 2 grand mal seizures myself and have been put on Keppra, as well as lamotrigine. I was due to increase my lamotrigine dosage this week, so I did it after this recent “strange” episode. I have to say, I did feel weird when I first went on Keppra as well, but feel fine now. I just can’t wait to get this AVM out of my head!

Kate, I am on Keppra and still have simple seizures. For me, my brain stops working and I cannot say the words I want to say to explain to my daughter.

What really helped me was contacting the Epilepsy Foundation where they can explain the different types of seizures. They were a great help for me.

Thanks Louisa.
How often do your partial seizures occur? Is your AVM still active? Mine is, and I’m waiting on a date for my craniotomy.

Hi Kate,

I am blessed, my Keppra works very well...Now I only have one ever 6 months. As long as I take my med on time twice a day...

I had a massive brain bleed 7 years ago and the seizures started after my cran. Never had them before the hemorrhage.

My treatment was Proton Beam Radiation and after 2 years, I became AVM Free.

Hi Kate
Yeah initially I found Keppra a bit hard to get used to but it settled after a few weeks and its fine now as I always take it at the same time every day. I agree totally with your last sentence. I hope I can get off anti seizure meds in the future. How good would that be:)

Thanks Carol and Louisa. Maybe that’s where I went wrong? I take my Keppra with breakfast and dinner. That changes a little everyday, maybe by 1hr max, depending what time I get up or get home from work…