Migraines and eye pain

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are doing alright?

I have been going through migraines all day everyday again. In the last two days I have been feeling this Sharp pain in my right eye. The pin point of the pain is in a particular spot of my eye. This started as a scratchy sore spot that formed on my eye about a month ago.

So what happened was, about a month or so ago, I had this horrible prickling shooting pain run into my eye. I actually thought I had a piece of glass stuck in my eye all of a sudden. So when I looked in the mirror, all I could see on my eye, was this grey spot that looked like a nerve ending. Now All I can I see is the grey spot and red vein going from the grey spot (top of my eye behind my eyelid that would face my eyebrow) the line goes to my pupil. My eye is sore and the eye canal radiates in pain and now I have facial pain and it has gone into my head and neck now. I will be calling optometrist tomorrow to see if he can get me in to take a look. In the meantime I guess I thought I would check if anyone else has had any nerve issues like this. The pain is constant and there feels like it’s pressure into sinuses mostly on right. Right side is where Avm is occipital/parietal. No tx. Haven’t seen neurosurgeon. Only neurologist and being tx for migraines.
I really believe this is all Avm. My head Has has pounding mostly all day. Meds are barely keeping it at bay. I hope tomorrow is better day. I don’t think I can get through another day like today. I was hanging on by my fingernails.

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The similar thing happens to me. this helps me ease it

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Hey Jaylah,
My eye’s tend to be my barometer. Sometimes it’s the pressure behind the eye, sometimes it’s like pressure in the eye itself and then other times it’s like someone’s got a voodoo doll and is stabbing me in the eye.

The headaches are a daily thing for me, but people can look at my eyes and tell just how bad it is. My right eye starts to close up and in it’s bad stages it goes ‘cross eyed’. The pain runs down my nose, into my sinuses and the whole side of my face drops. I had a dr suggest the ‘cross eyes’ was a strabismus and suggested I see an ophthalmologist rather than an optometrist. In real basic terms he explained that the optometrist primarily deals with the lenses of the eye, where an ophthalmologist deals with the whole of the eye, it’s structures and is more in-depth.

In my case the ophthalmologist did not believe it was a strabismus, but rather a brain issue, he actually said 'Well, you’ve had brain surgery. What do you expect?" which was disappointing but not surprising I suppose. My headaches fluctuate massively and this makes trying to gauge the severity prior near on impossible, I just have to try and be prepared for whatever comes. Sometimes it can be managed with a low dose opiate but other times it needs a bed in a dark, quiet, room.

Have you had a CT or MRI lately? That should show up anything that needs a more thorough investigation. I have gone to dr’s previously and told them what I think the issue/s are, but many of them would rather get their info from a radiologist (another Dr) rather than my anecdotal diagnosis which they often seem rather quick to dismiss. So I try to get images done prior to the neuro appointment because I know if I haven’t, they’re going to send me off, to have a scan and then return later.

Please do let us know how you get on

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


@Jaylah Hello I got Migraines before all my new brain stuff since I was 22 - when I was 43 I had a rare stroke due to 5 blood clots in my brain called CVST- and I just thought it was a really bad migraine that was impacted my vision ! I went into a coma and the Stanford drs did not know what was wrong…until they ran a MRV - then 6 months later I got an avm/davf and my migraines got worse…I do get botox shots every 3 months which has made them less intense but I still get them every week. If after you see your eye dr and getting mrv and mra and nothing is wrong ask to see a pain neuro so you can get some botox and occipital shots. I hope you feel better soon Hugs Angela

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Hi, I will follow up with your suggestions, Thank you for the helpful information. The neurologist I see next should be able to do the referring which I asked to be on a cancellation list to see him for Botox since I am overdue right now. Probably why I’m suffering so much w migraines.

Opthomologist says grey dot. Don’t worry. It’s nothing. The sharp pains are debris in my eye because of medications my eyes are making my eyes dry. So he suggested eye drops. So simple like really?
Back to the migraines and the eyelids seizure from and the eye pressure pain that Is still an issue at hand. I worry that the pain in neck on right is Avm pressure pain.
I was given a new med for migraines but, I’m only allowed 10 per 30 days because it is a Vaso constrictor. Yup I did notice some chest pain. The med works like really well. Have to wait til sept 4.

So going forward, I have this to look forward to.
Botox September 17th EEG sept. 30th
I asked to be put on wait list as I am overdue for Botox injections. This is one of the reasons why I am migraining more frequently.
Request mri and opthomologist Eye related to Avm. Reveal whatzup
Thank you again, you help me so much and I will send kind and thoughtful energy Your way ~ :notes::pray:


See an ophthalmologist ASAP. Maybe your optometrist can recommend a good one. So sorry for the pain you are experiencing. If your current migraine meds are not helping ask for something else. Living in pain is no way to live. There has to be a solution for you. Good luck and you will be in my prayers.