Medication question

I was wondering what kinds of side effects others in the forum have had when on steroids after gamma knife? I have been taking them for a little over a week now and I have sudden bursts of energy at odd times that have me up doing things like getting up at 2 in the morning scrubbing cabinet fronts and rearranging closet shelves.

I'm not sure if this is a possible side effect of medications I'm taking or just emotional stuff going on.

I do have follow up appointments with neurologist as well as a counselor to do some exploring, but thought it would be helpful to ask if anyone else here had had similar experiences after gamma knife and steroids.

Hey Shirasaya.... I have been on steriods after GK for 1.5 month now. The energy burst is a known side effect of the medication. The first weeks on steroids I did not sleep to much,just feeling all the time "I have to do something" :-)Another side effect I have noticed is gaining weight, do to feeling more hunger, and also loss of muscles and more water in the body and face.

All the best to you :-)