Maybe this comment will give someone encouragement

So glad you are doing well . Be careful and thanks for sharing your story.

Hi Niyani and thanks for the comment. How are you and how's your daughter doing in school? So, is your husband still in London with your son?

Thanks so much for the reply, Eileen and the information. I enjoyed the part about your MIL and hey when my time comes, I hope I pass singing an inspiring song. Yes, this site is great for "kvetching" and you are always an inspiration.

Just wondering, I don’t know if you’d know this, but do you know if the reflexes on the affected side ever come back? I’m scared of falling to my left as I’ve fallen quite a few times because of everyday life things, like being bumped on my right side or leaning too far to the left…

Hello mdiam1 and no I can't help you with your question. Have you asked the medical personnel your question? If yes, another option may be to post a question using the Discussions tab. Good luck.