Madisons AVM is acting up UGH!

My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with AVM in her facial region a few years ago…At that time trama from her braces wire really set her avm off with bleeding, swelling and pain…She has been very very stable for the past year and a half…im grateful for that. She has reached pueberty in March and her periods seemed ok for the first few months. She has had pain around her period time since June. However she has had constant pain for the entire past two weeks. She has always said her pain level was between a 2 and a 6 and lately has been a 7 and an 8…she is experiencing pulsating on occasion with her pain level. She has played softball for years and last week her pain level really elevated after her game…she has had no bleeding recently just pain…I am completely sick over what is to come or what I should expect…I was really prepared for the worst and hoping for the best…she is scheduled get a panorex tomorrow and she is meeting with Dr. Mulliken on Friday…any words of encouragement would be appreciated…thanks…maddysmom

I’m so sorry to know that Madison is having such pain and these problems. I do hope that her drs can do something to ease her pain and your worry. I’m a ‘brainer’ so I have no knowledge about your troubles, but you and Madison are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and try to be as strong as you can, luv, Lesley.

So sorry to hear Maddy is having such a battle. Good luck this week and hang in there! Thoughts and prayers flowing. :heart:

I will pray for Maddy, and for you. It must be difficult to see your beautiful daughter in pain. At least you can relate to her because of your own experience. That’s always the silver lining behind any health cloud - it gives you a compassionate heart when someone else is ill. Best wishes for you and for Maddy.

My avm is in my brain and I can say i have more headaches at the time of my cycle then other days in the month. So that might just be something that us girls with avms have to deal with
:frowning: It sucks to see your child in pain and there is nothing you can do to help them. i hope you get some answers when you see the dr’s. I will be praying for Maddy and your family! Good luck and I hope her pain goes away just as fast as it arrived!!!