Low platelets

hello all,
i had my gamma knife 3 weeks ago and it was not that bad. if anyone is about to have gamma knife it is something you can tolorate. i have a question for anyone that has had gamma knife. my platelets are low. has anyone experienced this and what have ya’ll done to make things better? my doctor wants to retest my lab work in one week and see how my next results look like. any info would be greatly appriciated. grace

Hi Grace, I’m due to get GK 7-22-09.
I don’t know anything about platelets and GK.
How are you doing ? Did your doctor test you again ?
Let me know.


i will be praying for you. where will you have the GK done? doctors gave me ativan before the GK and i feel like the ativan helped tremendously. keep me posted. sincerely,grace

Thanks Grace, I will be going to Jefferson, Dr. Rosenwasser is my doctor

Hi Grace,
Have you heard anything about your platelets ???
Let me know.
Peace and Blessings,

sorry; dont know anything about platelets. have you been tested again? keep us posted.