Losing sight

Hi all,
I have been gradually losing my sight for 3 years. This is actually how they found my AVM. Is or has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if this will stop once I have the proton treatment. Thank you!!

hi sara,
my avm was diagnoised after i lost all left pheriphal vision and field vision…and even after having my avm removed it did not return or improve…i am not sure with the proton treatment??? i hope it improves and stops once you start your treatment…best of luck…i have you in my prayers…stay strong

My eye doctor has reported seeing blood in the back of my eyes but says it has nothing to do with my AVM bleeding. I don’t believe him though. I’ve always had bad eye sight that gets worse every year. Shortly after my bleed it seemed once that my eye sight was fading but then it went back to normal. I pray you have luck with the proton treatment!

I have lost some peripheral vision as well. I just had the proton beam treatment done earlier this month. I don’t know if my vision will come back. I’ve had several different docs say that its totally up to my brain. So…we’ll see what happens.

My AVM was found because of hearing loss. The proton beam hasn’t done anything to change that yet.

I have a feeling that my optic nerves are permantly damaged as my ophthalmologist says that there has been so much swellin there in the last 3 years that the damage has been done. I have lost peripheral in both eyes and have a large black hole in both eyes just off my central vision. I can no longer drive at night as I can’t see. I can tell it’s slowly getting worse and just wanted to see if maybe I could stop it with treatment. Thanks for all your help!!

Sounds very familiar. I was slowly losing sigght in the upper-right quadrant of both eyes, which is why I was originally sent for an MRI and was ultimately diagnosed with an AVM. I was having multiple other symptoms… Headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, loss of short-term memory and concentration. I ended up having surgery to treat the AVM. As a result, I ended up losing exactly half of the vision in each eye (much like Irene, only mine was center to right instead of center toleft). It’s unfortunate, but I try to remember that if I hadn’t had the surgery, I would have likely had far worse memory loss, concentration, or may even be dead right now.