Looking for Signs

I am sure most of you have done the same thing but every once in a while I find myself going back over my life looking for a sign missed that may have alerted me to this sooner. I have thought about 3 years back when I was in a motorcycle crash, that had I hit my head, they would have found it. Today in particular I was baking in the kitchen and looked up at a picture of me as a girl, maybe 6 years old. The picture has been there for years. But something jumped out at me. One eye appeared smaller than the other.

My adult life I have been aware that my left eye lashes are strangely blonde, while the right side are brown. This has always given the visual of one eye being smaller than the other. I rarely will be seen without black mascara evening this out. When I was last in my neurologist's office she pointed out my eyes were slightly offset. She wrote it in her notes so I assume it is relevant in some way but I didn't think to ask.

I realize I am probably grasping at straws in an effort to cope with this situation but I have to wonder if the lack of pigment in my lashes is anyway telling me a story? Anyone else have this same abnormality or something they wonder about? Do you think I'm crazy?

Not crazy at all... I have always had one eye smaller the other (not signifigantly, that would be weird) but thought nothing of it. I'm interested in what other people have to say but I really don't think that's a sign of a brain AVM. But you never know. :)

I don't if that indicates an AVM or not. I think it is common like having one foot or hand bigger than the other. As far as trying to think back if I missed something or looking at pictures for signs. Almost everyday I look at my son and wonder what signs did I miss. How could I have not known that was in his brain.

I can't imagine if it were my son with this and I were the one watching him. Even if we knew sooner it still would have been there so I suppose it is a fruitless effort wondering all the time. I hope Andrew is doing well!

We noticed the same thing in two baby pictures of my husband recently and I commented "look at your eyes"
Not crazy at all!

Thank goodness Karen! That I'm not crazy but not that we have funny eyes. ;)