Looking for a past blog post

Hi everyone....

I am looking for a past blog post that outlined how people after brain injuries/surgeries are act different in order to educate those who don't understand. I feel like some that I love very much need to read it and are misunderstanding how I am acting post-craniotomy as being selfish and rude. If I am, I don't mean to be. I just don't know how else to explain it.


It is called “What brain injury survivors want you to know”


Hi Faux, Is it the letter from the brain post ? , I'm not sure I know the one you mean .. but had a shot at it :) . Hope your well. Take care :)

Ignore I see guys have it in hand already :slight_smile: should really read post previous comments in future lol

This is a great article to read for AVM survivors and people who know us. I like to read it every once in awhile to remember I’m not alone. Thank you for reminding me where this is located.