Life: The holidays (updated)

So, I had a few people ask about the Christmas party and the holiday trip, so, here goes (I find it doubtful that this is the least bit interesting?)

The Christmas party was a blast. We had about 15 people show up (just enough). More food than we knew what to do with! I made a fantastic holiday punch. It was a great combination of rum, champagne, apple cider, cloves, seltzer, quantro and a little tequila (I think - I don’t realy remember!). For gift giving we did what’s called a Yankee Swap in this neck of the woods. Each person brings a small gift. Then, you choose numbers. The first person chooses a gift from the pile and opens it. The number 2 person opens a gift. If they don’t like it, they can swap it for the one that has already been open. And, on it goes through all 15 people. Only #15 is safe as they can choose any gift or keep the one they opened.

We also had a gingerbreadman decorating contest. Now, you’d think that this would be a wholesome activity. Yet, it shouldn’t be surprising how mature adults can take a naked gingerbreadman, icing, gummies, chocolate chips, etc. and make something dirty out of it! Must’ve been the punch. The winner was a gingerbreadman who was transformed into Madonna in her bustiere days.

Then, of course, holiday charades. I know its corny but it was a hoot. One of our guests was a 92 year old former nun who was a shoe-in for the charades champion. She was amazing. I only wish I could’ve video taped her performances because they were side-splitting fun! If you haven’t played charades lately, give it a try. I was afraid it would be boring, but it was the life of the evening. We had a variety of categories, all centered around the holiday (songs, images, movies, tv specials, etc.)

One of the joys of life is a group of friends gathered together and just focused on each other- sharing the experience, making each other laugh and forgetting about avms, seizures, headaches and all the other worries that make life uneasy for many of us.

So, I was afraid to have this party, but I am so glad we did. We’ll do it again, I know and make a tradition out of it.

I’ll make the next post about the trip to see the “inlaws” in Mississippi.


Oh what fun it sounds as if you had might make it there myself one year! LOL

All that work you did to get ready payed off " YOU HAD A AVM FREE GOOD TIME WHILE AT YOUR PARTY " If only we could all have more times whare the Avm isan’t the main thing on our minds.

How about some pics?

Sounds like a great party! and the gingerbread man thing…please! the alcohol had nothng to do with it! Nobody can resist reverting babk to their 14 year old self when faced with such tempting ingredients!!!

AHHH…you have been in attendance at our holiday gigs, which relative are you ???

Happy to read about your party! It sure gave me a laugh to imagine a 92-year-old former nun playing charades lol :smiley:
Sounds like an awesome new tradition!!!

your party sounded like a blast!

oooooo “the inlaws in Mississippi” …sounds like it could be a movie- can’t wait! Your party sounded great and I love the charades idea! My sister is always trying to get us to play charades and when we give in and do, it’s a riot.

Sounds great Brian, do we get to see pics of the gingerbread men???

Alas, no pics were taken of the gingerbread men/women. You’ll need to use your own lascivious imagination…

I’m with Amanda…pictures, please! LOL Your party sounds like so much fun! I love playing Charades!