Left homonomous Hemionopsia

That's the term for my visual situation. I lost the Entire Left Field In Each Eye. I didn't have any vision issues before my AVM(undiagnosed) bled and required emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding, repait my artery, remove the AVM and save my life. At first I thought I'd just "lost perriphral vision." However, my neuro-optomestrist(a life-saver!) diagnosed me as having lost the entire left field in each eye. I went through three years of vision therapy just to be able to navigate a room. I also have left side spasticity and am working on re-gaining full use of my left arm and leg. I turn to the left all the time as an automatic coping mechanism to be able to see everything and get around without smacking into things. This causses more tightness on my left side. Its fruatrating because I hate the added tightness but head-turning is nececessary to my survival and getting around. I drive but feel nervous as I am always turning my heasd and find the visual commotion/stimulation to ber scary and over-whelming especially when tired! I have recently retured to part time work andf find it visually exhausting! A therapist toldme, "Once you re-gain your motor skills, you will have more energy to focus on visual propcessing and be less tired! I hope so; for now its brutal being this fatigued! Provigil doesn't help much!

Does anyone have a similar situation?

Any insight or advice?

Photosyntonics from my neuro-optomestrist did calm my nerves and expand my visual field as much as possuble: I highly recommend those avenues.