LASIK eye surgery

I had double vision after the stroke, it went away but when things are close like a book it’s hard to focus and I use to wear contacts before the stroke and I am thinking of getting LASIK eye surgery now, actually been wanting to do it before the stroke. Who here had it after their stroke? How was recovery, did you have any problems? Thank you.

I had the stroke October 2012 and did use an eye patch, the double vision went away in almost 4 1/2 months.

Hey Eunice. I can't speak to this question, but have you been to your eye doctor to discuss getting LASIK? If not, that would certainly be very helpful for you to do in weighing all options. Let us know what you decide to do.

I havent had it but i was thinking about it. Decided not to cuz they said your eyes can get worse after it and a second LASIK surgery is always more difficult, my eyes have gotten proggressively worse every year since i can remember so i decided not to, maybe when im older…

I still have double vision 9 years later, although it's not as bad as it was. I had lasik before the rupture and I am very happy I did. it would have been worse not being able to see clearly along with double vision. I think you should consult a neurological ophthalmologist, if you haven't done so. your eyes are important.

You may want to check into seeing a behavior optometrist first and research vision therapy. It is not uncommon to have visual difficulties after a stroke and it may not be an acuity issue. My son is 7 and has had 2 bleeds and 1 massive stroke from his brain AVM. Vision therapy has and continues to do wonders for him.