Lacey Update

Hello everyone

Update2AM Wednesday

Last night at about 10PM Lacey semi awoke and made eye contact with us, I was so happy, My sister and I told her much we loved her and how happy we were to see her responding to us, after a few minutes I asked her if she wanted to see her husband Matt and she responded with somewhat of a nod yes, So I went for Matt, There were still several visitors and she responded to them as well, She is now back into a semi coma state.

For the past 24 hrs they have tried to awaken her and remove the Triq but she gets to excited and begins to kick and move to much, so they always put her back into semi-coma state and try again, they have yet to succeed, they will try again on Wednesday.

So we know that all her limbs are working good as I would not have wanted to have been kick with that powerful kick I saw, I am very happy to have been there when see semi awoke.

Thank You, so much for your prayers and support and gifts, flowers , cards, candy, she is so loved by you.

Sincerely The Ontiveros family and Rouse family

PS, if you come to visit she is listed under her maiden name Lacey Ontiveros, I have no idea how that happened, she is in ICU Bed #8

Wonderful news, she and your family have been in our thoughts so much, thanks for the update, we look forward to more good news!
Marie & Steve

That is great Mario!! Chuck is still trying to wake up, today is day 24 for us, he is making progress daily, we pray a lot!

Hello Carrie

Yes today was one of the best days of my life, God is great, I will continue to pray for Chuck and your loved ones, try to stay positive I know at times it’s hard but I had more good days than bad days, I was grateful for every step in the right direction and at times it seemed as we were moving backwards, God answers prayer