Just Had to Vent

Upon looking for something in Kennedy’s bedroom closet I came across some of her school work from first grade. Of course this was pre AVM bleed. After looking at it and reading the wonderful stories she had wrote and the awesome artwork that went with the stories it has left me with this: I absolutely hate AVM’s and I hate the fact that my beautiful smart little girl had to be in the 1% that is born with this horrible monster. It has taken so much from her and is just so unfair. I don’t think I will ever understand why this had to happen.

I don't think any of us will ever understand why. Hang in there!

It is perfectly alright to vent on here. Look at the top of the page…We are AVM Survivors, here for your support. It does not say…here when nothing is bothering you. I know it is frustrating for you but I believe your daughter’s young age will be to her advantage. I believe there will be amazing medical advancement which will help her in the next few years. She is blessed to have a Mother’s love. Some children do not have that support in their lives!

You can always vent here krd. We all dislike the fact that we have had/have AVMs, but unfortunately this is the card we have been dealt. We all have to find a way to deal with this though, as difffuclt as it may be. Your little girl is certainly fortunate that she has you as a loving Mom and hopefully she is doing okay today. Hang in there Mom.

i am sure...by now...u might have discovered that sometimes answers to certain questions in life which we ask....will be philosophical only...but all that i can suggest with 100% confidence is....u can cure any pain my distracting ur mind.... try to keep it occupied with things which makes u happy....may be music, dance, playing a musical instrument...or also try to visit disability homes..where u will come across many people with disabilities....it may happen ur way of looking at things may change n u urself may discover the answer to your question...wish you gud luck :)

I think any parent who's child has undergone such a devastating event can relate 100% to your post.

Have mentioned this before, but I watched our 18 yr old son go thru TWO brain surgeries, and it was HUGELY more difficult than watching my wife go through about 8 brain surgeries. We were fortunate that both my wife and son recovered with minimal deficits.

Keep focusing on how she can improve, and celebrate every small success. It is not easy, and it certainly is not fast, but it is a journey that you can make together.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

i like to think it only happens to amazing people. i mean well idk your situation but i think the avm totally changed my life and im a totally better person. i think we're the special ones

I love your comment and want to agree with it. One of my internet correspondents said that she felt like her husband had a reset button when his AVM burst about a month before mine did in May of 2011. When I shared this comment with my husband he said we were all reset 2 years ago and for the better! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Hi KRD, I so know how you are feeling. Even though we just found out that Hunter is AVM free he will still never read better than a 5th grader. HIs brain has healed all that it's going to heal. Hunter wasn't that good in school before his AVM but I still remember how hard he tried and is still trying. He will be in the 10th grade this year and is worried every morning when it's time to go to school. There have been times that I have just sat down and cried for him. But like I have told Hunter over and over "Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for him" we may not know now but one day it is going to slap us in the face and then we will be amazed at why all of this has happened.
We love all of you and need to get together again soon.

I felt and still feel like this every since being in that 1% group of AVMers...but we are all strong and different in our own way...stay strong & God bless its just the cards we have been dealt with by God and we have to play the game that is life...

So agree with you Michelle. I feel kind of blessed that I went through my AVM. Doesn't mean it was any easier on my family though. Plus I made a great recovery. KRD, I think its great that you vent rather than hold it in. You are an amazing strong person. Hugs.