It's here......and we're very nervous

So my dad’s surgery is set.

Easter Sunday he will check in at Methodist Hospital (Houston).

Monday they will hydrate his kidneys, Tuesday they will do the embolization and Wednesday he will have the surgery.

His AVM is located near the vision part of the brain. Dime size and 1.5-2 inches deep.

With all that he went thru he shouldn’t be alive. On top of the AVM he had double pneumonia got better from that then aspiration pneumonia (nurses fault) and almost kidney failure. Spent 60 days in SICU.

His doctor said the worst part is done with. Everything that he went thru.

I’ve never met such a confident doctor like Dr. Gavin Britz.

Please keep us in prayer.

Thank you all very much. I will try and keep you all posted.

I will for sure update from if you care to follow.

Again, thanks!


Blessings to you, Joel, and I will be praying for your dad. I think a confident doctor is great.


Best wishes for all of your family. Me and my family members have been patients at Methodist, and TIRR, and Memorial and MDACC. Houston is known for great hospitals and you've picked a good one. Trust in your Dr's...

How is your dad doing? I will follow the facebook page :)