Itchy Scalp and Bumb after Surgery - Any advise please!?

I had my right frontal lobe AVM removed surgically on 28 January 2016.

With CT and MR scan done during checkup on 16 March 2016, it seems my AVM was successfully removed!! Will be able to confirm 100% next year with Angio.

My problems / queries is as follow:

My scalp started to itch while it being numb due to the surgery cutting through the nerves. I tried treating the itch with different products before I realized that it might be the nerves. The itching has gotten so bad now, that the skin on my scalp hurts. I feel that I just want to cut off all my hair just to be able to treat my scalp properly....

Can anybody please advise me as to what can help please!!??

Another thing which I am not certain about...

A few weeks after the surgery, I noticed a small bump almost to the middle of my forehead just above my right eye. It was about the size of a small / medium coin.
It was just there and it stayed there for a couple of days. Then one morning I woke up with a huge bump on my forehead where the 'small' bump used to be?

The bump shrunk down to the small bump again. Not going away. Then another morning huge again.

The bump is now about the size of ones thumb and middle finger put together to make a circle. It stands about maybe between 5 mm to 1 cm. It hasn't shrunk the any in the past 2 weeks, still being Huge...

The bump is sensitive to touch, but not sore at all.

I asked my GP about this and she said something about the bone growing where it was cut... But this is almost just above my eye... It does not make sense. I have a plate fitted to my forehead, not sure it might be related to that?

Has anybody else had something similar or can tell me what you think.

Hi Angel, I was soo glad to read that you had your GP check out the bump as this was going to be my first bit of advice lol ! :) , As for the itching I understand this and my scalp has never been the same since my 2 craniotomies, After the surgery I only used baby shampoo as this was advised and then moved to "normal adult stuff" after about 6 weeks, I do get random itch feelings even now 2 years on, But I just ignore them. I also have a "bump" but I know for sure this is where the skull is joining back together from where they took the piece out. I will feature this post as I have had the same concerns in the past and would like to see the feedback from the community also. Thanks and hope everything gets better soon, Take care.


Hello Angel
First of congratulations on the great news that its gone!!!!

Oh my goodness I just had angiograms and embolisms but not only did this happen to my head but my face its like an extreme case of eczema. This started 4 years ago and my head still itches. I know I am highly allergic to the iodine I am not sure what causes this maybe just the stress.
I started using coconut oil on my scalp and switched to Paul Mitchell Tea tree oil Shampoo
a little goes a long way and I let it sit on my scalp for a few minutes before rinsing. They also have a scalp treatment. I use the shampoo every other time and then another reg shampoo the other times. I use the coconut oil on my face the second time and it cleared right up. But now anytime I get sick my face looks like I had a bad sun burn and peels so gross

Not sure about the bump - Did they use any medical glue? I heard that can travel and some people on here I believe Mountain Girl has a big allergy and got some bumps on her forehead.


I had a craniotomy done Dec. 2014 for a spinal dural AVF at C-1. I’ve not had any bumps since but I do have an itchy head. I appreciate Angela’s comment about the tea tree shampoo; definitely worth a try.

Yes, I remember Mountain Girl and this post reminded me of her. She developed a MAST Cell Disorder from what was used to treat her AVM. Her immune system reacted to the embo agent; it had to be drained; it caused sinus pain; cromylen medication was prescribed. She too had a bump, not bone. Not as life altering as it sounds; she is athletic and was keeping up with her kids' skiing, etc.It's location on her sinuses was painful.

Would you say, Angel, that your psoriasis is swollen/irritated/itchy or more nerve pain.Stinging? I had type A (itchy, red) and used steroid shampoo for a while.I was under incredible emotional stress that yr, so I had what looked like psoriasis. That is an auto-immune disorder. Both my brothers have diabetes Type 2, another auto-immune disorder. back to scalp, tea tree oil shampoo is great for maintenance. A dermatologist treated me. I'm not sure what specialist Mountain Girl used; Immunology, I believe.

My bump and itch sound quite different than yours. Mine was a yeast infection and easily cleared up with a med shampoo. Prolly not going to be answer for you but there it is.

Nutragena makes the tea tree oil shampoo I use. Yes I also would recommend tea tree oil shampoos

Rinse your head with vinegar and water. Should stop the itch.

Hi again, Since so many others have mentioned Mountain Girl I thought I'd do a search for you and here are her comments and posts perhaps you can take a look for one of two related to scalp ?


Hi Angel, Like you my AVM was removed from my right front lobal area also…I have many strange bumps on my head that come & go and my neuro advised it was normal due to the healing process…I just spoke with my GP recently about a small bump on my forehead that at times throbs and has only recently happened…he wasn’t concerned and stated that it would be external to the brain and not worried.

From my understanding the bumps etc are part of the healing process so I just try to ignore them… God bless!

Thank you for posting my discussion and your reply Martin.

God Bless!

Hi there Angela,
Thank you for your reply.

I'm not sure about medical glue being used. I had an embolization done the day before my surgery.

I also have been using Coconut oil to help relieve the itch on my scalp, but it does not help. I am so frustrated... I had to regrow my hair (4 months now) but feel like cutting it off just to start ''treating'' my scalp!!

Good luck on your road ahead.

Thank you Jeremy.

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you, will give it a try!

Thank you Martin. Much apreciated!

Thank you for your reply Adrian.

Hi there! I also experienced extreme itching on my scalp since my surgery, as well as some what i would call "malformation" and "bumps" after my surgery. I think that the itching is tied into your hair follicles that were cut during your surgery. I had tiny scabs on my scalp for many months after surgery and it was soooo Itchy!! Im about 18 months after my surgery now and have found that the scabs have quit showing up, and the itching is better although not gone entirely. Sounds like some of the various shampoos recommended might help! As for the bump, not sure. My skull is shaped VERY differently from when it was before my surgery! I have a sunken spot, and bumps around the area. My surgeon is notthe best person to talk to unfortunately and last I heard was that it "would be like it never happened in a year" Not so. Good Luck!!