It was my 1 Year anniversary yesterday so decided to post this on my facebook yesterday and thought I would share it with you all today

OK, so today is the one year anniversary of my “new” life that came out of the blue, the day I woke up and didn’t know what was happening? , a day I was reborn so to speak so what have a learned in the last 12 months……….

I’ve learned

What my family really mean to me :-)

What true friendship really is :-)

Not to worry about things in life, they will always get sorted in the end :-)

Life isn’t about, what you have or don’t have! It’s about appreciating everything you do have in your life. :-)

Never to judge others :-)

Live life, Love always, and Laugh as much as you can!! you never know when your life will change :-)

Always take the time to listen to others around you, they may look fine on the outside but inside they may be in pain. Never judge a book by what the cover looks like :-)

Try every day to make a difference to someone’s life , even if you pass a stranger in the street, always give a smile , you may just make there day :-)

Never to be afraid to show or tell how much you appreciate, love or care for someone!! You never know if it’s the last chance you will ever get to say or show those feelings. :-)

Always stay strong, whenever a door closes another one will always open. Just keep trying and never give up! there is always hope. :-)

Nothing is ever impossible, if you want it bad enough!! :-)

And what is the most important thing………..

If you are still here no matter what challenges you have faced in you’re life along the way ……….you are a SURVIVOR!!! :-)

Love it!! Thank you for sharing what so many of us have probably felt as well.

Thank you so much for your post! It is very true and sometimes, with all the junk that happens to us on a daily basis, it's sometimes easy to "forget" that "this too shall pass" and that if we are here to read this, we are indeed blessed, even though we have all gone through a lot of things that other people may not be able to fully understand and/or appreciate!

On December 20th, it's going to be 12 years since my AVM burst and my life changed forever. In the following years, I have experienced much loss, however, not a day goes by where I don't forget how lucky I truly am. My AVM was very large... it required 3 embolizations prior to my craniotomy and for all intents and purposes, I shouldn't be here! I do have lingering disabilities, however, they are minor compared to what some other people experience.

Thank you for your post... it was refreshing and true! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Congrats as a 1-year Survivor!

This is the silver lining that comes with an unexpected illness or tragedy in ones life. You have so eloquently stated what we all know. Each day is precious and it is obvious that you get it. I will be 23 years since my bleed and still thank God for every day. Thank you for sharing.

That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Happy 1-year Anniversary!!

I cried when i read what you wrote. I just had my 5th year in April. And I initially felt everyone of these things that you have written at my one year. What I find to be challenging is how terribly difficult it is to hold onto these values. I feel like in living my life and going through the motions everyday, you lose the value of these notions. Reading what you wrote has reminded me of how I too felt after my “without a warning” rupture.

I just love what you have put in your post Ninibeth, I too felt and still feel exactly the same and I’m just over 4 years since my hemorrhage and stroke. I still live by the exact same values you shared, every day is magical even if it is a bad one, live life, smile and be positive!!
All the best in your journey and recovery, life is fantastic and as I always swear by and tell my kids
"Do not quit"

I will drink to that good sir…hats off!

God bless

Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It made me rethink about the last 40 months since what I went through. I really appreciate this.

That is incredibly beautiful and I think you have inspired so many of us. I was diagnosed in my teens and have always been very aware of my mortality. I try not to dwell on my AVM too much though and to maintain a positive attitude. I think this has played a big part in keeping me here. Your post has really struck a chord and reminded me what is important in life. Very best wishes.

Happy one year anniversary - yeah!