It all just got real

My AVM hasn’t bled and other than some migraines I haven’t had a ton of symptoms. Most days I try and forget that there is anything wrong with me. Yesterday I spent several hours at the Dr.s office for my pre-surgery appointment. Getting my blood drawn and a physical sure makes everything seem much more real. First embolism is scheduled later this month. Suddenly I am terrified.

Its alright missie, it is normal to have the ‘sudden’ wave of fear hit you, its been there all this time just became noticeable once you started preparing for surgery. God bless you and good luck!! We r here for you :slight_smile: its going to be alright, thank God you are not suffering any major deficit maybe that’s a good sign you will make 100% recovery :slight_smile:

Hi missie, I am 53 years old. When I was 18 years old I had a c.v.a. Or in other words a AVM. It was in the Brain. Luckily it healed or stop bleeding. 4 years later i had surgery and it was removed. I was young and determined and I beat most of the deficits. For me to look back at what I went through, I could not of done this with out Jesus and my Family.
I have been working a a Hospital for the last 27 years,
God bless you Missie, you will pull through, I will pray for you.

I try to forget about mine too. But just as soon as I start trying to do more than I should, I get all tired and stuff. Plus headaches and out of sorts feeling. I wish I could have mine taken out, as in surgery but my doctor didn't recommend surgery. Embolizations and radiation. Got my second radiation treatment scheduled for August 21st. Haven't really had time to be scared since I found out after I had a seizure at work, which was caused by the AVM. Just take things as they come. The embolizations aren't too bad just make sure they send you home on steriods so that you don't have any swelling post procedure. Prayers going up for you.

You'll be fine. Try not to worry too much.

What you're feeling is totally normal, but try to relax, stay positive and think about how you are one step closer to being AVM free:-).