Interesting Read: Neuro Microscope

Here is an interesting read, while AVM is not stated, vascular lesion that has bleed makes me think there is some possibilities here in the future:

I was treated at Adult HSC Neuro, they were outstanding as well. Great to see things like this as in future the options may be expanded for the more difficult locations we often see now. Take Care, John.

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Looks like the other one is at Barrow.


Lillian had a cavernoma. The following link is not accessible to me, due to North American companies who now choose not to offer their web sites to Europe since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations rather than actually deal with the requirements of GDPR, but I found it linked from elsewhere, saying “cavernoma”.

Great share. Thanks,


Thanks for sharing. My daughter was treated for an AVM at a children’s hospital in Canada but we’re nowhere close to Manitoba. The next time I see my daughter’s surgeon Ill ask him about this amazing microscope for sure.