I wonder if anyone has had the opposite problem of not being able to sleep after gamma knife?

I am having trouble sleeping instead of being tired which is very strange. Has anyone had that problem? I am afraid I will end up crashing after exhaustion from lack of sleep? I think maybe I will be wired for a few days and then it will hit. Not sure why I am so wired up? I have been a bit stressed. This whole situation has been stressful and some people I expected to be sympathetic and understanding have been very self absorbed and not at all as caring and concerned as I would have thought they would be. I am referring to family which is unfortunate because they are the ones you lean on the most. Oh well, another disappointment I suppose. Can’t expect others to understand I suppose, after all, they aren’t the one with my problem, I am … I feel like my emotions have taken a 360 degree turn in the last 24 hrs - not sure if I am overreacting or what. I guess I will try once again to sleep since it is now 2:00 in the morning and I have been awake since 5ish, am. Crazy, I have always been a great sleeper. I hear most of you say you slept for a few weeks so not sure what is going on with me and if it is good or bad? I still am very thankful for all the support and God bringing me thru this far so I hope you don’t misunderstand. Argh - off I go once again. I think this is probably more me than the gamma knife effect. I think when stuff happens sometime you tend to reevaluate everything in your life. Life is too short and you have to wonder if you are spending it with the right people and in the right way sometimes, as it will be over one day and over is over and out.
Good Night - thanks for listening to all this drama -

I think the reason why people are not sleepy at first is because they give you steroids when you get GK. Believe me when they wear off you will probably get plenty of rest.

I know what you mean about people being self absorbed, my suggestion is to forget about them for now and concentrate on healing, I’m talking from experience.

Ask them for help when you need to, that is what I do. I call my husband so much now, lol.
I don’t lift anything.