I want to help others like us in a simple way

So I was thinking about starting a way to give back through my love knitting. I remember needing a hat since my surgery was done in the dec. I was thinking of doing this for others. Since it’s always nice to have a little gift when leaving the hospital. I was thinking hats to start, maybe scarfs and if those who have time blankets. What are your guys thoughts? Would you have liked this? My surgery was done in Redwood city and most surgeries in CA are done in the Bay Area. So this is where I would need to send it too. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I think it's a wonderful idea (smiles). A kind gesture goes a long way. My mother, who's 76, crochets hats for newborn babies and gives them to our local hospital. She also does lap robes/blankets for people too.

I think your idea is wonderful so I espouse your proposal with enthusiasm. My 21 year old college student daughter has become a knitting "fiend" and it's amusing to hear her on the phone for she will talk about her yarn and projects nonstop for 15 minutes! Furthermore, during this last year one of my friends brought me a handmade prayer shawl that she had purchased from a woman at a neighboring church. I treasure this shawl so good thinking, Kat!

Hi Kat. I think that's a great idea to knit hats for AVM patients, or various patients at the hospital you had your surgery at in Northern Cal. I would certainly talk to the hospitals in your local area and I'm sure they would be honored to have those hats for their patients. That's a fantastic way to give back Kat :)

it's a good idea.Infact i'm also interested in painting a sketching.

Let me know if any of you guys would like to contribute. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Kat . I think your idea is as wonderful as you are ! I remember those cool/cold winds blowing at my skull and cringe . I used scarves but that soft yarn would feel better , yes ?

Thank you for response. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I tend to lapse in memory and feel yucky a lot. I need to make more hats for sure.

I love to knit but if I don’t do it often enough I forget and retract myself. I know what having a hat meant to me during my surgery so I can imagine others feel the same. Hope your daughter is still knitting. I’m working on learning to make socks.i have gloves down. Sorry for late response I tend to forget to check when I should.

Thanks for replying I know it’s been awhile since this thread was started. I really need to add notifications to my iPad. Since my memory I crappy,so I forget to come here. I do need to make more hats and asks fellow knitters to help donate.

Thank you, the cold always bothered me the most as well. Soft yarns is the best. I had a cashmere hat I loved. I know anything tight on my head causes headaches too. :confused:

Thanks for the response, Kat, and in the cooler weather she is still knitting! We all received lovely infinity scarves for Christmas.

Great idea, Kat....

Hi Kat,

It's a wonderful idea and really a positive way of helping others :-)